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LaQueshia Clemons is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) with a passion for guiding people toward financial well-being and emotional resilience. Her Master's Degree from Springfield College, Massachusetts, is just the beginning of her story.


With a career launched in 2010, LaQueshia has become a compassionate support for diverse youth and families, touching lives across various life stages. Her private practice, Freedom Life Therapy and Wellness, is a haven where individuals and couples can explore their emotional and behavioral patterns related to money.


Now focused on delivering engaging workshops and speeches, LaQueshia empowers others to uncover their unique money stories. Her mission goes beyond numbers; it's about understanding the profound influences that shape financial decisions.


LaQueshia's approach is both dynamic and warm, aimed at transforming lives and fostering a healthy relationship with money. And speaking of relationships, here's a little taste of LaQueshia's personal side: She loves to cook! Whether whipping up a gourmet meal that she'd happily pay for herself or experimenting with new flavors, her love for good food is just another way she adds zest to life.

LaQueshia has been featured in several news publications such as nerd wallet and yahoo finance. 

Meet the Team

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